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Exterior Designs

"Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one's sensations." - Paul Cezanne

Your home should be as individual and unique as you are. If your idea of expression is too large to be contained in a framed photo or painting, a custom mural by The Beach Painter might be just be the answer.

Our graphic artists can create a mural for any room of your home or office and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary at a very reasonable price.

With The Beach Painters high-quality work and reasonable prices, you might be surprised to discover how a mural can fit into your budget.

Natural Wood Siding

After years of abuse from the elements, The Beach Painter gave this house a fresh, new look that will stand up to what time and nature can dish out. Improvements like these not only last for years, but increase a homes value if you place your home on the market. Improvements such as these also keep property owners in compliance with local zoning and neighborhood preservation laws.

Re-painting Exteriors

Shouldn't the most useful rooms in the house look just as inviting as any other? A small investment in these living areas can make the whole interior stand out and the envy of all who use them.Work like this is just one area where The Beach Painter exceeds all others.

Columns & Trim

These columns are beautiful and functional, but the homeowner wanted something unique, so they called The Beach Painter. After a free consultation and choosing the colors that best fit their desire the job was started. These photos are a fine example of how after a visit from The Beach Painter, they became works of art. This is the kind of custom work that The Beach Painter can perform at reasonable prices for your home.

Our Customers

"Dear Joe,
I would like to personally thank you for undertaking my painting chores and delivering a result that really is one of a kind.
I know how frustrating it must be to have a customer change their mind halfway through the job, but your patience and professionalism and later, your help in helping us choose something we really loved speaks to your concern for your customers satisfaction. Your understanding and fairness has earned my business for life."

--J.C. Frost ,Virginia Beach

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